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The flavor of smoke pairs well with waterfowl. This smoked duck recipe has been one of my favorites for years. It can be used with the big green heads, tasty teal, or any other waterfowl you may have on hand.

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Duck breast is not something that I eat frequently, but every time I do, I love it and vow to eat it more often. It is definitely one of the more decadent types of meat. Smoking a duck breast can enhance an already great piece of meat to something extraordinary.

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Nothing beats traditional bacon, until you've tried out this recipe. These duck breasts are cured in a sweet molasses and brown sugar mixture, smoked over sweet maple wood and sliced thin for your new favorite meat candy. Say hello to homemade.

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Holly and I spend most of our winter days hunting ducks and geese, and we eat them several times a week over the winter months. Those who know their way around a smoker know that fat is a critical element in the process. This is why you see lots of recipes for smoked pork and salmon; both are fatty animals.

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Though many people see smoking as a process meant for professionals, or at least for doing outdoors, this procedure—done mostly in a wok—is simple and produces a mean smoked duck. Try thin slices over a salad, or make smoked-duck sandwiches for a picnic. When smoking, be sure to seal the foil tightly to keep the smoke from infusing more than just your duck.

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This smoked duck breast recipe delivers moist fruity flavors with an apple marinade and a beautiful pink colour. I've also prepared it as a salad. There's not much meat on a wild duck and call it a waste if you like but all I was presented with were the breasts of the duck - easy to whip out without going to the trouble of removing the feathers from the complete bird.

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We did smoked duck breasts almost as an after-thought during duck week. It was a pretty successful after-thought. Done right, the flavor of smoked duck is sublime.

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Award Winning Smoked Salmon. Our Delivery Service. Our tender Suffolk Gressingham smoked duck breast is lightly cured and hot-smoked over Welsh oak.

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Tea-smoked duck is a signature of Szechuan cuisine. The powerful smoke and rich meat is perfectly offset by the other hot and sour ingredients used in the region. It is fairly simple to smoke duck at home; just be sure to use caution when handling hot pans and ensure you extinguish the tea before putting it in the bin. Smoked duck lends itself to a variety of dishes.


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