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One of the most well-known national lecturers in the field of tax reduction and audit proofing techniques, he has toured with Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, and John Grey. Botkin knows the ins and outs for those who are business-owners or self-employed and is the author of the audiotape series Tax Strategies for Business Professionals and Tax Advantages of a Home-Based Business. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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Its American tax bill? In fact, G. That may be hard to fathom for the millions of American business owners and households now preparing their own returns, but low taxes are nothing new for G.

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I felt lucky to just have a job that allowed me to save like crazy and help others financially through charitable donations. As I grew older, my views on income taxes changed. During the financial crisis, the government doled out massive bailouts to institutions such as AIG while allowing executives to pay themselves millions of dollars.

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The tax law enacted in December opened the door to a whole new level of tax-avoidance games primarily available to wealthy individuals and businesses and big corporations. At the end ofcongressional Republicans drafted a new tax bill and rushed it to President Donald Trump for signature in just seven weeks. No congressional Democrats were permitted in the drafting sessions, and no hearings were held after the draft legislation was released. To the surprise of no one in Washington, the final law that emerged from this secret and partisan process overwhelmingly benefits the wealthy and large corporations.

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Corporate Tax Avoidance by Fortune Companies, to Read the Fact Sheet. Profitable corporations are subject to a 35 percent federal income tax rate on their U.

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This new loophole will save taxpayers who use it billions in taxes — and slash their personal taxes by 20 percent! This loophole can be used by anyone if they follow several simple steps revealed in the new book The Trump Tax Cut. Even the highest-income earners can see their tax rate drop to a shockingly low 29 percent!

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Because the simple truth is— your tax money belongs to YOU. It has been great to have all this extra money. It has changed my life.

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The United States has a complicated tax code. The question of whether to close those loopholes pops up in election cycles from time to time. Some tax loopholes are easier to identify than others. For example, American corporations that move offices and factories overseas and claim a tax break for doing so?

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Dozens of large and profitable companies paid nothing in recent of their corporate bottom lines, not the economy and certainly not social well-being. Cruise lines effectively skirt any and all U. Stock options allow executives to calibrate the taxes on their compensation in a big way.

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