Birth control and facial hair

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A Jill-of-all-trades, Lillian Downey is a certified Responsible Sexuality Educator, certified clinical phlebotomist and a certified non-profit administrator. She's also written extensively on gardening and cooking. She also authors blogs on nail art blog and women's self esteem.

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Most frequently, hirsutism caused by hormonal changes is not permanent, but in some cases, especially those of menopausal women, a doctor may prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy to help alleviate symptoms. Women who suffer from PCOS — a syndrome that, among other things, effects the balance of the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone — have also been known to battle with excess facial hair. To combat this, experts suggest following a specialized low-dairy diet geared towards PCOS patients.

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You already know that birth control offers ridiculously reliable protection against unplanned pregnancies—assuming you're using it correctly, that is. But BC actually has a lot of other amazing social and lifestyle benefits, too. Researchers at the family planning organization the Guttmacher Institute recently crunched the numbers, finding that women who regularly use contraception tend to have more years of education under their belt and greater economic stability—and they also form romantic partnerships that are more solid when compared to women who aren't contraception-covered.

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Most believe that hormonal birth control serves one purpose: to prevent pregnancy. In fact, they can even be used to help treat other health concerns such as menstrual relief, skin changes, and more. As with all drugs, there are beneficial effects and potential risks that affect everyone differently.

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There are nine different kinds of hormones in the contraceptive pill — some of which have subtle 'masculinising' effects. And should we be concerned? It was and a chemistry professor from Pennsylvania was looking for a cheap source of progesterone.

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We respect your privacy. Most women have only very fine hair on areas of the skin where men tend to grow thick, dark body hair, such as the upper lip, cheeks, chin, back, chest, and abdomen. But about 8 percent of women have a condition called hirsutism, which causes excess hair growth in those areas.

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Hirsutism is excessive male-pattern hair growth in certain areas of a woman's face and body, such as the mustache and beard area. Androgens, the dominant sex hormones in men, can be responsible for these conditions. Women normally have low levels of androgens, but abnormally high levels of androgens can lead to excess hair growth. Given that hormonal contraception can reduce the levels of free androgen in your system, certain combination birth control pills can be a helpful hirsutism treatment.

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Let me say this: I am pro-IUD. I'm pro-birth control, pro-choice, pro-sexual liberation, pro -all-of-it. But there's a shadowy side to getting an IUD that no one really talks about; and for me, that shadow made itself known on my upper lip.

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Back to Health A to Z. Hirsutism is where women have thick, dark hair on their face, neck, chest, tummy, lower back, buttocks or thighs. See a GP if it's a problem for you.


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