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By Carly Stern For Dailymail. That started to change last year, after former CEO Mike Jeffries — who was responsible for the hyper-sexualized ads — left the company, paving the way for a new, less risque marketing strategy. These days, the brand's website and catalog feature models actually wearing the clothing it's trying to sell — and seeing those new shots side-by-side with the older, more scandalous ones is truly fascinating.

Some of the advertisements bordered on pornographic, and its quarterly catalog was often outrageous. Amid declining sales, the teen brand has been slowly but surely chipping away at its raunchy reputation to become more palatable to the modern consumer. The shirtless models are no longer greeting tourists at the New York City flagship store.

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The models--wholesome and chiseled--are classic Abercrombie, and the photos--sultry, voyeuristic, black and white--are classic Weber. You can pre-order yours here. I mean you.

To buy yours, you would have had to reserve a copy online and then pick it up in the store between the hours of 11 a. Once you were in possession of the catalogue, a red warning label assaulted your eyes with a reminder that the pages within the plastic wrapping contained adult content and nudity only appropriate for people 18 years old or older. The Shophound went and picked up a copy and compiled a handy statistical analysis of its nudity:.

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Famed for its iconic images of shirtless men with rock hard abs, the designer brand plans to 'diversify' its look to win back custom. Clothing brand Abercombie and Fitch will end their 'sexualised marketing' after years of using semi-naked men to promote their goods after a drop in sales. Images of ripple-muscled topless men have blanketed its stores, websites and shopping bags for several years.

The retailer last week recalled the holiday catalog from all its stores, saying it needed the space on the counter for a new perfume. But one parents' advocacy group claimed the move was in response to its protests and calls for a boycott of Abercrombie over the catalogs. The company's page holiday book included nude young adult models in highly suggestive poses, as well as articles on sex -- elements apparently intended to boost the clothing retailer's brand among college-age customers.

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But amid a changing consumer climate, it has toned down its imagery. Its November marketing campaign did not feature nearly naked models. Rather, it featured a fully dressed Neelam Gilla model who has been praised for social advocacy. Looking at the Abercrombie of yesterday compared to the Abercrombie of today shows how far the brand has come, and how the company is clearly listening to its customers as they evolve.

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But looking that casual requires a lot of work — and a lot of enforcement, according to an internal spring employee "style guide," obtained by BuzzFeed. Employees at Abercrombie's stores must adhere to rigid dress codes, such as no bigger than a 1. The documents lay out a long list of extremely precise guidelines accompanied by how-to photos: Double-cuff women's jeans by seven-eighths of an inch, do an "easy side tuck" or "easy front tuck" for shirts, pull sleeves below the wrist with women's sweaters, undo the top three buttons on denim shirts, and aim to wear flip-flops, which "look great with any look.

To the joy of many, new racy flashback pictures have surfaced of the year-old in his modelling heyday. Channelling his inner geek chic, the father-of-one can be seen wearing thick rimmed glasses showing his rippling torso with only a book covering his modesty. In another snap Jamie can be seen being at one with nature as he sits completely naked by a beach front playing a guitar.


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