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Jennifer discovered from her husband Tom's emails that he was meeting Brad for sex. She came to see me, heartbroken, sure that her marriage to her "gay" husband was doomed. But when I examined Tom, I discovered he wasn't gay.

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The brilliance of the television special My Husband's Not Gay begins with its name. Those four short words are stated from a woman's perspective, giving the impression of a wifely gatekeeper controlling a conflicted man's sexuality. Yet, we also know intuitively that this woman's identity is less important than her husband's—she's defining herself in terms of his sexuality.

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I repeatedly receive questions from agitated wives who feel traumatized when they learn that their husband is homosexual. The length of their marriages range from a few years to 20 and 30 years together. Many have children, of differing ages, with their husbands.

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Australia has not legalised same-sex marriage. Overseas same-sex marriages are recognised in some states, but not in South Australia. The couple, who lived in Sunderland, married in south London in June and arrived in Australia in late December for their honeymoon. In the s South Australia was the first state in Australia to decriminalise sexual conduct between males, and introduce the same age of consent for homosexual and heterosexual sex.

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Sometimes a woman may have been in a heterosexual relationship for years and yet feel something is somehow "off;" and she may find herself asking, "Is my husband gay? If a husband is gay, it can devastate not only the relationship but the straight wife as well. The clearest way to know if your husband is gay is if he tells you.

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Jorge is a bisexual guy who has mentored other LGBT people over the years. He likes to share his experience with others. We're assuming that you're a woman, of course.

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Due to the nature of the data used in this study- individual testimony, where individuals discuss their histories in detail, it was not possible to fully anonymise the full transcripts to the level that participants could not, under any conditions, be identified. Consequently we do not have ethical approval from our institutional ethics committee to lodge the transcripts to a public repository. This study investigated the stories of heterosexual women who experienced a husband coming out as gay and a consequential marital separation.

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By Janine Cole Oct 25, Photo: Courtesy of Janine Cole. One Saturday morning last fall, my marriage ended before I even had a chance to finish my coffee.

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And how do you do it? It allows you to conserve energy and choose much more effective and efficient tactics. It means really listening to your partner and forming compromises so that you both feel satisfied.

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At first blush, I would agree with GLAAD that it is irresponsible to espouse the doctrine of reparative therapywhere religious groups believe that gay men and lesbians can pray the gay away and live heterosexual lives. They form a support group that meets regularly in settings both religious and social. Three of the men are married to women and have children.


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