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This is an incredibly touchy subject. I know that as I sit down to write this post that there will be many who disagree with me on whether or not spanking is even appropriate at all. The approach I am describing is balanced, reasonable, intentional, controlled and is never to be done in anger.

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MASON - A judge on Thursday acquitted a middle-aged psychologist of an assault charge for pulling down a year-old girl's pants and spanking her hard enough to cause bruises. The prosecutor and children's advocates expressed surprise at the decision in a corporal punishment case that raised questions about how far a nonparent can go in disciplining another person's child. Gary Freudenthal, 49, of Blue Ash, testified Thursday that he thought he had permission from previous conversations with the girl's grandmother - her legal guardian - to discipline the child, who was a friend of his daughter.

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The New York Appellate Division ruled on July 19 to overturn a child abuse case against a Long Island man who spanked his 8-year-old son for cursing at a party. He was also accused of beating the child with a belt on his bare buttocks and legs when he got him home. The court ruled that the allegations involving the belt were unsubstantiated.

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Top definition. The act of repeatly slapping that booty with one's open hand. Appropriately given by pulling someone ear toward you, sitting down, and guiding them over your knees so that their crotch area is directly on your lap and their ass is slightly lifted and exposed right above your lap.

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In the piece, Kraybill explains why Amish use physical punishment to discipline children, citing an Amish mother named Hannah:. Hannah explained that, when children are about two years old, their wills need to be broken. The article has been getting some interesting responses.

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Andrew is a young father with two small children who decided, with his wife Katie to never spank his children. It drove a wedge between me and my father, and I never want my kids to feel that way about me," Andrew wrote me. Nathan is a father who had the opposite experience.

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I grew up in the U. Then Mum stopped, No more smacking. For 2 or 3 years.

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I am guilty of spanking my children. My oldest has been spanked once, maybe twice, in his entire 17 years. My 7-year-old has received a few prime swats, and other forms of discipline, in her short lifetime. My middle child, a year-old boy, is much more intimately familiar with spankings.

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Political cartoon from depicting Stephen A. Spanking or smacking is the most commonly-used form of corporal punishmentconsisting of one or more sharp smacks applied on the buttocks. The verb to spank has been known in English sincepossibly onomatopeic in nature.

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I convinced him some 23 years ago, maybe I can convince others today. But he saw me coming, and eased up on the kid, as he wrestled him into his car seat. I worried all day about that little boy. But I so fervently believe it is utterly ill-advised.


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