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Sign in. Watch now. Irish republican Bobby Sands leads the inmates of a Northern Irish prison in a hunger strike.

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I got to shoot Shame's gun today. He took me to the furthest corner of our property so that pa wouldn't hear the gunshots. It made me feel ten feet tall to shoot such a powerful weapon.

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The Scar of Shame is a silent filmwhich was filmed in the winter of and released in April of Its second screening ran from April, at Gibson's Theatre, Philadelphia. It was produced by the Colored Players Film Corporation of Philadelphia, in one of the earlier examples of race moviesin which an entirely black cast performed a feature film specifically for a black audience.

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But when and why have certain forms of shame been embraced by blacks and queers? How does debasement foster attractions? How is it used for aesthetic delight?

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Students and administrators reacted to the incident with unanimous condemnation. Like so many things nowadays, extrapolating from a single event to a crisis is only wrong when your opponents do it. At the time, progressives recognized this for the irrational fear-mongering that it was.

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I think killing beloved lions is horrifying. For decades, Americans were free to say whatever we wanted since our society had become too lazy to gather in mobs armed with pitchforks, partly because so few of us have pitchforks anymore. But now, thanks to social media, public shaming is easier and more popular than ever.

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When it comes to the most intimate relationships in our lives — who we choose to date, marry and procreate with — racial antagonisms can cut deeply and personally. Most Americans, at least publicly, agree that we should judge each other by the content of our character rather than by invidious distinctions such as color, race, religion and even, dare I say it in this day and age, gender or sexual orientation. But most of us, in our heart of hearts, continue to harbor deep-seated prejudices when it comes to who we will welcome into our inner circles.

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Shame uses the specific, the extreme and the explicit the sufferings of a particular sex addict to illuminate the general, the banal and the hidden, or at least not much discussed the superabundance of stimulants, whether drink or drugs or pornography or food or choose your poison. The rest of us might find our ears still ringing days later. If nothing else, Shame is a film that gets under your skin and inside your head.


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